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Co-op Food Stores

January 6, 2017 • joedolson

Co-op Food Stores

The Hanover Co-op is one of the oldest cooperative food stores in the United States. Founded in January of 1936 by 17 Hanover and Norwich residents as a purchasing group for potatoes, oranges, and maple syrup, the group opened their first retail store in 1937. The Co-op moved to the quarters at 45 South Park Street in 1963 – by which time there were over 2,000 Co-op members.

As of mid-2000, the Co-op had expanded to add a second location in Lebanon, New Hampshire and a convenience store/food market. Membership stood at 20,000 households representing over 30,000 individual members.

Membership in the Coop Food Store requires the purchase of ten $5 shares of Co-op stock. This one-time investment entitles you to full membership. The investment can be made all at once or over time. The shares can be redeemed if you choose to cancel your membeship.

Benefits include participation in patronage refunds, discounts on home and auto insurance, and a wide variety of other services or discounts.

Co-op Food Stores