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Mountain People’s Market Co-op and Kitchen

January 6, 2017 • joedolson

Mountain People's Market Co-op and Kitchen

Mountan People’s Co-op started as a food buying club in the 1970’s and was incorporated in July of 1977. At the end of the 1980’s, the corporation was in grave financial hardship and the membership went through Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. A local lawyer volunteered to do the work pro bono, helping the co-op get on it’s way to a new start.

The new beginning has proved successful, and the co-op continues to provide many animal-alternative products and organic foods not easily found at other stores. Membership costs $30 for a full year membership with no volunteer work, or can be earned by volunteering 8 hours in the store. These 8 hours are preferred to be worked in two 4 hour segments.

Benefits include a weekly 10% discount (daily in exchange for 2 hours/week of volunteer work), a 5% daily discount, and discounts on bulk orders.

Mountain People's Market Co-op and Kitchen