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Open Harvest Natural Foods

January 6, 2017 • joedolson

Open Harvest Natural Foods

The mission statement of the Open Harvest co-op:

"The goal of Open Harvest is to provide good health through good nutrition. Open Harvest provides high quality and natural foods with a high level of service and a reasonable price to the community of Lincoln. Open Harvest is a member-owned retail cooperative dedicated to equitable employment practices, support of local producers, consumer education, and sustainable agricultural practices."

Membership in the Open Harvest co-op costs a $25 annual fee. Your investment accumulates at $25 per year until you choose to withdraw your membership, at which time the sum of your investment will be refunded to you.

Membership benefits include a 5% discount on case lots and bulk quantities, 5% discount on purchases during member weekend, member-only coupons, and the option of volunteering to earn additional discounts.

Open Harvest Natural Foods