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The Green Mercantile

January 6, 2017 • joedolson

The Green Mercantile

The Green Mercantile is a store dedicated to promoting the ideals of sustainability and conservation. They provide clothing, home products, toys, cleaning products, paper products, and business to business services.

They have a very well written philosophy on their website, which I will quote here:

The Green Mercantile promotes the ideals of sustainability and conservation. It’s our belief that if we are to protect and keep this earth for future generations then we must act in a manner that shows respect for the earth’s resources. If future generations are to live healthy lives then we must give them a healthy earth and teach them (and ourselves) how to maintain that health. This is what our business is about. We believe that the way in which we conduct ourselves and our business, has a direct impact on the health and well being of our planet, our community, and each of us as individuals.

At The Green Mercantile we believe that the health of our planet is integral to the health of her inhabitants. Providing people with a healthy alternative to everyday products is our mission. As a non-grocery retail store specializing in environmentally and socially responsible products, The Green Mercantile will provide products that are non-toxic, recycled, recyclable, sustainably produced and will promote fair working conditions and wages. The Green Mercantile will focus on high quality, convenience and customer service. The Green Mercantile will continually educate its employees, its customers and the community about the importance of “Healthy Products for a Healthy Planet for Healthy People.”

The Green Mercantile