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Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction and Uncle Edgar’s Mystery Bookstore

January 6, 2017 • joedolson

Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction and Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore

Uncle Hugo and Uncle Edgar’s are a pair of unique used and independent booksellers. For those who are need details, the phone number provided here is for Uncle Hugo’s – Uncle Edgar’s can be reached at 612-824-9984.
Independent bookstores around the world are suffering and the Uncles’ are no exceptions. Quoted from their website:

Whenever a couple of independent booksellers get together, complaining about how bad business has become is almost certain to arise. It used to be that an increase in business (measured in dollars if not in units) could be counted on every year (aided by the steadily increasing price of books), but now any year that does not show a significant decrease from the year before is considered a major achievement.

Support independent booksellers! Can I say that enough?

They offer a discount program where you can purchase a $4.00 discount card which provides a 10% discount on purchases over a 3-month period. These periods run for set periods, so the first of November, February, May, and August should be permamently noted in your calendar!

Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction and Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore