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Poll Results: Public Transit or Bust!

January 5, 2017 • joedolson

Well, to be entirely frank, I’m more than a little disappointed by the responses to my poll concerning public transit. While there was a decent percentage (nearly 25%) who were perfectly willing to spend over 10 hours a week on the bus, there was an even more significant percentage (over 30%) who were unwilling to spend more than 25 minutes a day.

I’d like to think that these people misunderstood the question, since 25 minutes a day is, in fact, only 12 &12frac; minutes per trip — far less time than the average work day commute — but I suspect this is, at least, not entirely the case.

This is certainly a time when I wish that I had programmed comments into this web site, so I could gain some insight into the thought processes of these voters. Is it because they are actually unwilling to make use of any fossil-fueled system, perhaps? That’s possible, although perhaps improbable. Is it because they are simply unwilling to dedicate the time to public transit when they can more easily and more conveniently use their own private vehicle? That’s certainly the more common attitude in the United States, but I don’t actually know that much about the people who voted in this poll. As a result, I just don’t know.

Regardless, the perspective is fascinating. The next poll, hopefully, will expose a bit more information about the people who visit this site. Rather than an opinion poll concerning a green topic, I’m moving slightly aside to ask a simple question: who are you?

View the poll results.

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