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Site Accessibility

Joe Dolson, the founder and designer of this site, is a web developer with a specific focus on usability and accessibility. As such, there are a number of special features of this website to make it more usable for disabled web surfers.

Access Keys

Portions of the navigation of this website can be made available through accesskeys. You can use this form to set these to your preferred keys. To access these links use the combination of keys appropriate for your operating system.

  • On Windows, press ALT + an access key.
  • On Macintosh, press Control + an access key.

User-Defined Access Keys


if (!$objAK->isValid())
echo $objAK->getErrors();

generateForm(); ?>

The internal organization of the code places the center column of content first for easier access by screen readers, followed by the right column and the navigation.

A large print style sheet has been provided, magnifying the text by approximately 20%.

All forms are provided with a logical tab order and meaningful labels.